seiklusjutte maalt ja merelt

Traveller's Pub & Club


seiklusjutte-maalt-ja-merelt-logoTraveller's Pub & Club:

Traveller’s Pub & Club can be called an oasis in the middle of a desert. While driving down the street Tartu maantee, from Stockmann shopping centre towards the airport, you will notice a façade with waving flags. It will unexpectedly lead you in the mysterious world of adventure stories and provide relaxing moments, away from the noise of bustling city.

The contrast with high traffic volume of Tartu maantee is the most positive surprise for many visitors coming here for the first time. With its cosy green courtyards, cobblestone pavement, intimate atmosphere and unique decorations, the Pub is so much different from the surrounding of concrete buildings.  In summer, there is nothing better than to spend a half an hour in our nice backyards, enjoy the sun and sip a beverage, coffee or beer.
Leave the office behind and come and taste some of our specialties and drinks, which can be enjoyed on terraces or in the comfort of indoor rooms!

You may also want look at our seminar room designed in retro style.

Who are the guests the Traveller's Pub & Club is intended?

This is a Pub that brings together adventurous open-minded people keen on travelling – hikers, wanderers, travellers and all the others who are constantly seeking for new, sometimes risky experiences! If you are that kind of person, you are always welcome here! The Pub is a place, where adventurers set off to their journey and where they are greeted after their return and where everyone has the opportunity to share their exciting experiences.  
The fact that it is a traveller’s pub can be noticed already at the doorstep: maps on the walls and globes on the tables enable those who have returned from their long and interesting trips to share their stories, while illustrating them with maps.

The TV-corner on the first floor is specifically for those who have just returned from their trip and would like to watch videos or photos in order to experience it once again.  The Pub features presentation technology that can be used for showing interesting videos or pictures from the trips to all guests of the Pub. It has become a kind of a tradition already.


Food and drinks! Yummy!

Although it is a nice place for travellers, our primary goal, though, is to offer you delicious food and drinks.

While away from home people have a chance to experience the most diverse cultures and cuisines. After coming back, travellers can treat themselves with homely domestic meals as well as exotic specialties and drinks.  The menu will be updated regularly. We also have special menus for personal events and holidays on offer, not to mention delicious daily specials which vary every day. In our kitchen food is prepared on gas stove. It adds up to its flavour. So, why wait? Come and take a chance!
A video clip about the Pub can be found here.


>> A video clip about the Pub can be found: here.


Pub opening hours:

Sun-Thu 11:00-23:00

Fri-Sat 11:00-01:00